Johnny Chan on the Importance of Treating Poker Like a Business

johnny chan treat poker like business

In an article that Johnny Chan wrote for Card Player Magazine, called “Treat Poker as a Business” he explains that playing poker professionally is really a job. No one should know that better then Johnny Chan, the back to back World Series of Poker Main Event winner in 1987 and 1988. Johnny Chan is not only a professional poker player. He is a true poker legend.

Johnny Chan feels that there are many people that view playing poker as easy money. In his article, Chan explains the reasons why that is not true. He explains that being a professional poker player is a very demanding job, and unfortunately, most of the people that try to become professional players fail.

He also highlights the good things about being a professional poker player, such as being your own boss, working when you want, and sleeping the hours that you choose. As a poker pro, you get to meet many interesting people from all over the world, and to travel all over the world. If you are successful and make it as a poker professional, you should even feel great about yourself and gain self confidence as you make the money you need throughout your poker career.

If you are an aspiring poker professional, Johnny Chan stresses the importance of always acting like a professional. Chan wants you to always remember that you are always being watched in your career choice, and the importance of staying away from bad news like drugs. In the beginning of your professional poker career you will have to put in long hours, just as you would in any other career choice. In order to be successful as a poker player, you will have to play a lot. If you are going to make it as a professional, your life and schedule will become easier after a few years.

Johnny Chan stresses the importance of leading a balanced life. Yes, you have your poker and you need to work at that, but just like any other job, there has to be time off for family and friends. Take time to go out on the town and enjoy things such movies, concerts, and shows. Johnny Chan wants you to treat your professional poker playing as a business and take time to enjoy the other things in life.

The article tells of the importance of staying focused, even during the bad times. Johnny Chan writes about the bad times he went through in the early years, but he never gave up. It is essential that you understand that there will be hard times and mistakes in the early years. Think of it as your training, like going to college or working as an apprentice. The early years are when every future professional poker player should be developing their game, honing their skills and learning to manage their money.

It is at this time when the realization that the “easy money” you thought you were going to make, isn’t even all yours. There are all the expenses that go along with running the business of playing poker, your living expenses and of course taxes.

If you are really dedicated to becoming a professional poker player, follow Johnny Chan’s advice and consider your poker playing as a business.