Johnny Chan - the Writer

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Johnny Chan is not just one of the worlds greatest poker players, he is also a prolific writer. He has published several books and is also a contributor to several magazines.

“Play Poker Like Johnny Chan: Book One Casino Poker” is a how-to guide book for beginner and intermediate players. This book is a basic guide to poker players that want to learn how to win. Discussed in the chapters are general poker concepts, rules, and how to deal with various favorable and unfavorable situations. He also explains the different kinds of poker games and gives background information on Internet poker and tournament poker. Johnny Chan also tells about some of the other legendary poker players that he has played against, and his basic poker philosophy.

“Million Dollar Hold’em Limit Cash Games” by Johnny Chan and Mark Karowe is packed with excellent information on poker. It illustrates the different possible hands of the game. Each hand is explained and the reasons for the recommended actions are given.

Johnny Chan also has written many articles that have been published in Card Player Magazine, Card Player Europe Magazine, and on These articles are informative, educational, and sometimes amusing. In one article, Johnny Chan explains the importance of treating poker as a business. He goes on to talk about how some people think that they have found a way to make easy money by playing poker professionally. If you should decide that you want to play poker professionally you need to treat it seriously, professionally and as if it is your business. He offers suggestions, tips and excellent sound advice on the subject of winning money, and the importance of investing it for your future.

In another one of his articles, Johnny Chan writes about the effects that the Internet is having on the poker community. He addresses the ways that the Internet has changed the game, and helped to bring poker into the mainstream. Over the last 20 years they have been many changes that have occurred in the world of poker, many of them as a direct result of the Internet.

Other articles that Johnny Chan has written talk about some of the personal events and stories that have helped to shape his life as a legendary, professional poker player. He writes about the importance of having fun and enjoying playing the game of poker. In another article he tells about his once-in-a-lifetime experience of having a part in the movie “Rounders.”.

Johnny Chan also writes for Trader Daily Magazine where many of his columns focus on the correlation between playing poker and trading. He addresses the fact that at some times in your life you need to take chances in order to succeed. Known as the Card Shark in his columns at the Trader Daily, several of the topics Johnny Chan writes about include the importance of self control in order to play a smarter game of poker or trading, and when to walk away from a losing game or a cold market.

Johnny Chan has shown that not only one of the world’s legendary poker players of all times, but also a writer worth reading.